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What is Line8?
Line8 Power Track System Infographic

Power tracks are clearly the solution

  • Add, remove and reposition outlets
  • Added convenience with access to power anywhere
  • Adds an additional layer of modularity
  • Enhances the Turn-Key and Plug & Play Concept
  • Adds a touch of modern design element
  • Value-adds existing furniture products and designs
  • Modular system allows for adaptability to varying socket types

What makes Line8 Special?

  • Security of Adaptors & Accessories (Security Lock System prevents unwanted removal while maintaining full function)
  • Installs in minutes with German Made Toolless Terminals
  • Customise tracks to the millimeter; receive your order within hours.
  • Straightforward Pricing and Ordering Process
  • Maintenance-Free & Long Lifespan (No rubber or moving parts)
  • Modular Terminals for Smart Home, IoT and Remote Monitoring

Key Features of Line8

Integrated Locking Mechanism

    • Prevents unwanted removal of adaptors
    • Maintaining full safety & control function

Modular System Architecture

    • On-site Assembly & Modification
    • Quick setup & turn around time (Using Screwless electrical terminals from Germany)
    • Virtually no order Lead-time (Order can be fulfilled within hours)

Technologically Advanced Platform

    • Full IoT Support
    • Smart Cloud Control and Monitoring
    • Zero-Current-Standby Green Technology

Safety Testing & Certification

    • TÜV SÜD PSB certification
    • Exceptional Service Free Lifespan

Accredited Product Design

    • Designed and Made in Singapore

Add, Remove & Re-position

Embrace the never before freedom of adding, removing and repositioning power outlets on The Line8 Power Track within seconds. Power is now accessible anywhere, with greater than ever convenience. Deciding on the where to install power outlets and predicting how many is needed is now obsolete.

Safety & Durability

Patented safety technology; Patents Pending and Granted : PCT/SG2015/050203, WO 2017/007420 A1

  • Triple redundancy approach.
  • This engineering breakthrough shields away electrical contacts
  • Keeping us, including children, safe.
  • Fire-resistant, electrically impermeable and glass reinforced resin
  • Our Switch Lock design makes sure that the socket is safely engaged to the track before allowing you to switch it on, preventing sparks from happening.
 Power Tracks - Elegant Premium Practical

Elegance & Sophistication

The curved edges gives a The Line8 Power Track a feeling of understated elegance.

Technical excellence represented with the attention to detail and diamond finished edges.

The sleek black brushed aluminium profile adds a touch of sophistication to any modern home. Accentuating it with the cutting-edge technology housed within.

Highlighting the accents and lines will be aluminium trims which conceals the patented electro-mechanical safety technology.

Flexible Power Outlet System - Data HDMI SCV Power

Advanced Technology

Built for the future where we could control our smart homes and offices with mobile. Where we can be notified when our appliances like a fridge stops functioning normally.

With The Line8 we could keep track and monitor our power usage for integration into various renewable energy systems. Log and monitor in real time for building and facility managers.

With a modular end-terminal design, together with our additional 4th power core. We can adapt to many of our current and future technologies.

Wood Finishing Power Track - Beautiful Power Outlets
Bespoke Design

Every Line8 Power Rail is elegantly crafted out of aerospace grade aluminium, hard anodised to protect the finishing.

Incorporating the best of high-tech materials. With the finest diamond finished surfaces. Not just for looks but also safety and durability. Accentuate your design futher. Designed from the ground up with 3M™ DI-NOC® Vinyl. You can create a power track that reflects your taste and design.

Better than Eubiq - Line8 Power Outlet System. Futuristic Power Sockets
 Unique Features
  • Power Rail Form Factor
  • Add, Remove and Reposition power outletsVersatile design for newly-built, renovated, refurbished homes, offices, hospitals, laboratories and more.
  • Patented Triple Safety System
  • Finger Proof Design
  • Mechanically concealed aperture for conductor
  • Lock & Key electrical engagement (height, length and depth specific)
  • Elongated uninterrupted grounding shield
  • Premium Materials & Finishing
  • Aerospace grade hairline hard-anodised black aluminium
  • Fire-resistant, electrically impermeable reinforced PBT resin
  • Diamond finished surfaces and edges
  • 3M™ DI-NOC® Vinyl
  • Modular End-terminal enables incorporation of various Smart Home & Office control and monitoring systems.
  • Power Rails can be modified on-site without specialised equipment within minutes.
  • Reusable, reconfigurable and redeployable design
  • Integrated Adaptor safety
  • Adaptors need to be fully engaged before on/off switch can be operated
  • When switch is on, adaptors cannot be disengaged
  • Integrated Adaptor Locking
  • Allows facility managers to lock power tracks to prevent the removable and additional of power outlets.
  • Locked outlets are still mobile and can be switched on/off
  • Versatile Design
  • Wall/Surface Mount
  • Recess Mount

Application Examples

The ideal places to implement the Line8 & Eubiq system at home will be the Kitchen, Study and TV Console Area