The new way to plug-in

Line8 replaces the conventional power outlet, with sockets which can move, is safe and looks awesome

Line8 Model S Surface Power Track in Brazilian Woodgrain Finishing on a conference table

Simple & Safe

Power outlets that move together with your appliances; removing cable clutter. Power outlets that can be added and removed; eliminating the need for ugly multi-plug extensions.

Ultra Smooth Engagement and Sliding Mechanism. Patented Electro-Mechanical Safety Technology. Fully Custom-built to Order in Singapore. Wood, Marble and Metallic Finishes Available.

Universal System

Conveniently fits plugs from over 200 countries.

Premium Design

Elegant minimalist design accentuates the home and office space.


Supports USB, HDMI, High speed Internet and more.


Move power sockets around.

No more messy extension cabling or overloading power sockets with multi-plugs


What used to need an electrician to hack walls and pull cables is now elegantly done through a patented mechanism with just a turn of our power adaptor

Prevent Overloading

In Line8, the electrical connections are done in parallel configuration instead of series in a normal power extension cable

Triple Safety

Utilising a Lock & Key Concept in conjunction with a grounded shield.

The Line8 Track is an open circuit that can only be closed with an adaptor which matches up in depth, height and length.

While a solid state shield prevents any current leakage.

Clientele & Partners