About Line8


Founded in Singapore, the origins of the power rail concept dates back to 2000 where it was first developed. With over 10 years of experience in the power rail business, Kenneth Ong and Kevin Lim developed the Line8 Power Outlet System. Building upon the concept, various key features were added together with enhanced safety and performance.

Line8 Model S Surface Power Track (Director Track, E-Track, Portable Socket Outlet, PDU)
Line8 Model S Surface Power Track

So...what is Line8?

Line8 is a power rail where we can safely add, remove or reposition power sockets wherever you want whenever you want.

In any environment, Line8 can be seamlessly installed on walls or recessed into carpentry and desks in a fraction of the time it takes to install conventional fixed sockets.

With a range of finishing options available and fully customisable; be it length or function. Line8 will not only blend in but accentuate the overall design. Creating this design centerpiece which value add your interior design, your product, your home.

Line8 Model S Surface Power Track
Line8 Model S Surface Power Track

Our Vision

Providing Easy, Safe and Convenient Power to Offices, Homes and Workspaces.

Our Mission

Delivering a new level of modularity and convenience with added safety and universal integration by providing the world's most advanced universal power track system.

The Team

Kenneth Ong


Kenneth founded Line8 with a couple of product and technical drawings on graph papers. With the goal of improving the durability and safety of the power track form-factor.

Being passionate and trained in; Medical Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Photography gives Kenneth insights which bridges across multiple disciplines.

With over 10 years experience in the power track business, Kenneth embraces that this is the concept for the future. The Line8 Power Rail System is a truely great product which is defined by its integration of its form and function.

Eddy Ong


Eddy, founder of 3 other companies and with over 40 years experience in the Industrial Automation sector and with over 20 years experience in operations & Human Resource.

Eddy's passion drives him to pursue and demand the very best in product and industrial design. With his vast knowledge in industrial electrical design and automation he ensures that no corners are cut and the design performs to specifications.

With his strong market connections and experience in the local business arena, he guides and grooms his son, Kenneth, Eddy is a valuable asset in any enterprise.

Kevin Lim


Kevin graduated from NTU with a degree in electrical engineering. With a strong passion in green and modern power systems he has completed numerous projects under his own time and interest.

Determined and strong willed there is no problem too difficult for Kevin to solve. Being the primary technology developer and inventor of the Line8 Power Rail System, he is seeking to continually upgrade his knowledge and is currently working towards being a electrical PE.